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Publications provided on-line by Holme Parish Council

From this section you will be able to download and save to your computer numerous documents published by Holme Parish Council or other authorities. To help you find the document that you are looking for they have been divided into a number of groups that are explained below.

Policy Documents - (2 Documents)

All authorities issue Policy Documents which inform the Public, in advance, how they will react or respond to certain situations. This is to ensure that the authority conducts itself in a fair and equitable manner to all of its customers. If therefore allows you to research how the council will react to a particular situation and what you can expect from them without having to ask.

General Information - (2 Documents)

Everyone needs a box to put all the miscellaneous items and useful bits and pieces and this General Information section is it for the council. So if you are looking for some infromation that does not fit into any of the other sections then try here.

Application Forms - (1 Documents)

Many, if not all, of the application forms that you need to access services provided by the council are avalable for download from this section. The forms range from applications of an Allotment through to a Burial Plot in the cemeteries.

Annual Reports - (3 Documents)

Each year the council produces a report of the activity of the council during the previous 12 months which is called the Annual Report. It includes a breakdown of the accounts of the council and the status of any ongoing or outstanding items.

Parish Accounts - (9 Documents)

At least once a year and occassionally for other reasons the council publishes copies of its accounts and supporting notes. You will find these here. The supporting notes explain in some detail unusual items on the accounts to which they relate therefore you are advised to download but the accounts and the supporting notes for a particular year and refer to both.

Official Documents - (2 Documents)

Local Authorities like parish and town councils are required at variuos times to issue public statements and schemes. You will find copies of these documents here.

Community Magazine - (1 Documents)

Online copy (if available) of regular community magazines. These documents are produced by the community and therefore may contain articles and opinion that are not necessarily those of the council, its officers or agents.

Cemetery Documents - (2 Documents)

Here you will find all the documents published by the council relating to the cemeteries under its control including rules and reguilations, policies and application forms. Please be aware that some local cemeteries may be managed by other organisations and have different rules and regulations.

Parish Magazines - (2 Documents)

Online copy (if available) of regular town or parish magazines. These documents are produced by the community and therefore may contain articles and opinion that are not necessarily those of the council, its officers or agents.

The documents from Holme Parish Council described above are available for download from the menu on the left

Special Items

Itemised Expenditure

The Localism Bill 2010 requires certain authorities, and encourages others, to publish details of items of expenditure that individually exceed £500.



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