The Manor of Holme

Historical notes about the Manor of Holme, Huntingdonshire, England, UK


The Domesday Survey does not mention HOLME, but it was evidently included in the 8 hides in Glatton held by Ulf, which were granted by William the Conqueror to Eustace, Count of Boulogne. Glatton and Holme thus were attached to the Honour of Boulogne, which after the death of Reginald, Count of Boulogne, who was taken prisoner in France in 1214, escheated to the Crown. Holme has always been a member of Glatton (q.v.).

In 1218 Baldwin de Rivers paid three good palfreys for licence to inclose 15 acres of his wood for a park at Holme. In 1314 the king ordered that a fair should be held at his manor of Holme, on the eve, day and morrow of the feast of St. Gregory the Pope, and another on the eve, day and morrow of St. Giles the Abbot. A market was already in existence, but it appears to have had no profits in 1368. There were three burgesses holding burgages in the town which they could alienate at will, but the silting up of the river at Welle near Wisbech, stopping the passage of ships from Lynn, adversely affected the prosperity of the town, in common with other places in the neighbourhood.

Disturbances occurred in Holme Fen in 1632, when the cattle were driven away during the operations connected with the Bedford Level drainage. 'A crowd of men and women armed with scythes and pitchforks uttered threatening words against anyone that should drive their fens.' Mr. Castel of Glatton took part, and with his men prevented the overseers of the dykes from driving off his cattle.

A family of de Holme was living during the 13th and 14th centuries. In 1210–12 Robert de Holme is included in a list of knights holding lands in Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire, and was possibly one of those whose services were owed by Baldwin de Dudeauville (de Rivers) for Glatton and Holme. In 1308 Thomas, son of Agnes de Holme, complained that the men of Denton had cut his turves at Holme, and he was apparently open to the same accusation as regards Denton, though these marshes were separated by a dyke called Frithdyke, and did not intercommon.

A messuage and croft was held by 'Mariota of the Hall,' in 1279, of the Earl of Cornwall, for a rent of 14d. and the finding of a lamp before the high altar of the church. In 1589 a 'cottage' called Hall Place, with land in Holme, was held of the queen by William Somersam, for 1.5d. yearly, his heirs being his daughters Avice and Sencia.

Victoria County History - Huntingdonshire Printed 1932