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BBC News - Cambridgeshire Sun, 24 Jan 2021 12:00:01 GMT

BBC News - Cambridgeshire

BBC News - Cambridgeshire

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East West and Northumberland rail lines get 794m boost

The government says the funding will connect "left-behind" communities.

Peterborough murder trial: Teen killer of kickboxer given life sentence

Leam Smith used a "vicious weapon" when he attacked Dainius Kasiliauskis, a court hears.

Ian Stewart: Helen Bailey's killer to stand trial over Diane Stewart's murder

Ian Stewart, already in jail for killing his partner, is now charged with murdering his wife.

Covid-19: East of England Ambulance Service chief executive steps down after illness

Ambulance service chief executive Dorothy Hosein has had a period of ill, health including Covid-19.

Kite surfer takes to water on flooded meadow in Cambridgeshire

Arnis Kusins says he carries out "safety" checks before going out on the water.

Covid-19 in the East of England: Your questions answered

From lockdown life to vaccines and tips on coping, our experts answer your questions.

Covid-19 in the UK: How many coronavirus cases are there in your area?

Explore the data on coronavirus in the UK and find out how many cases there are in your area.

Covid-19: Five ways to stay positive through lockdown

Tips on how to stay positive through winter 2020-21 - in the new Covid-19 lockdown and beyond.